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In the context of the systemic approach that qualifies Sin&rgetica, corporate finance denotes the natural complement to the management consulting activity and the development of the human capital. According to Sin&rgetica, there are no large or small enterprises; there are entrepreneurs with a clear vision and managers with a mission and the drive to make them come true.

Sin&rgetica’s activity is focused on the medium-large Italian enterprise:

  • Maximum concentration on the entrepreneur as well as on company and family dynamics, thanks also to the synergies with the management consulting activity.
  • Strong attention to confidentiality in the execution of the assignments.
  • Cross sectional activity to all industrial and financial sectors that characterise the Italian business environment.

Debt & Grant Advisory services identify financing opportunities alternative to the ones offered by traditional credit institutions. They are aimed to sustain specific business projects, such as internationalisation, R&D and capex investments.


Sin&rgetica plays a role of financial advisor in the design, planning and execution of complex corporate finance transactions, such as:

  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Transfer of companies, business branches and shareholdings
  • Search of new strategic or financial business partners
  • Search of sources of funding for new projects (investments, acquisitions, project financing etc.)
  • Financial debt restructuring
  • IPO advisory
  • Equity subscriptions by institutional investors and investment managers
  • Succession planning
  • Outsourcing of Business Development activities


  • Analysis of business plans
  • Scouting of the financing opportunities available in Italy, Europe and Internationally
  • Identification of the credit facilities that fit the most with the corporate targets
  • Set up of the documentation required by the selected financial institutions
  • Management of the relationship with the credit institutions
  • Project management
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