Sin&rgetica was founded in 1970 by Bruno Ermolli.

Sin&rgetica is one of the pioneers of management consulting services for Italian corporations. Since its inception, it helped the entrepreneurs to properly structure their businesses and to manage process and technological innovations.

In the eighties, the human resource development and the executive search practices were added. A selected group of highly skilled and proven top executives called “Club Sin&rgetica”, with which the firm interacts on an ongoing basis, was created.

In the nineties, Sin&rgetica extended its presence in the Italian market, providing strategy consulting services to a number of large corporations.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, Sin&rgetica began to assist some of its clients in executing complex corporate finance and M&A transactions: the strategic finance practice was created, complementing the long-established management consulting activity.

Nowadays, Sin&rgetica offers an extensive set of services that supplements the more traditional professional services with digital transformation services, including the research and development of new digital business models.

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